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All employees in GCE Subsea's partner and member companies can log into our Member Pages.

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Create an user account or log in at the top of this website.

The e-mail address you enter upon registering your user account must belong to a domain that is pre-approved. We have pre-approved domains for all our partners and members.

Available on Member Pages
  • Our guide to public subsidy schemes, ‘Veiviser til virkemiddelapparatet’
  • Minutes from meetings in the General Assembly
  • Project reports for download
  • Market reports for download
  • GCE Subsea Partner or Member badge

Please note!

Our Member Pages are unavailable at the moment. We are working to correct this as soon as possible, but we appreciate your patience.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need anything.

Contact Information:

Anne-Grethe Solbakk

Head of Finance and Communication
+47 476 55 188