GCE Subsea Pre-Project Funding

GCE Subsea provides financial and professional support to establish externally funded RDI projects. Our partners and members can apply for pre-project funding from GCE Subsea for concrete project ideas.


Photo taken at Christian Michelsen Research

Pre-project funding from GCE Subsea should be used for preliminary work aimed at gaining external funding for a main project. This could be to mobilise a project and/or conceptualise your idea.

We especially encourage joint projects between several companies and R&D partners, as well as projects with international partners.

Who Can Apply

To receive financial support from GCE Subsea, your project must have minimum two partners where:

  • at least one is an industrial company
  • at least one is a partner or member of GCE Subsea

The project may well have partners outside the cluster, or seek to establish such collaboration.

Funding is only given at an early stage and until the project has progressed so far that it can be funded by Innovation Norway, the Research Council of Norway, EU or other similar funding possibilities. 

Amount of Funding

The following amounts are achievable:

  • 250 000 Norwegian kroner for pre-competitive projects with several industrial partners, where IPR is open or divided on several partners
  • 100 000 Norwegian kroner for projects where primarily one company benefits and gets the IPR from the development. This also includes projects with a company getting IPR even if the project is performed together with a customer and an R&D partner.
  • The project owner will need to contribute with minimum 50 per cent in-kind calculated based on his total cost.
  • The hourly rate is 600 Norwegian kroner per hour

Learn more about the GCE Subsea - Application and Evaluation process.

Contact Information:

Gisle Nondal

R&D Manager
+47 957 71 846

Jon O. Hellevang

Senior Subsea Innovator
+47 988 48 828