To succeed in the global market our projects and activities shall:

  • Increase the proportion of companies that export

  • Provide broad and updated market information

  • Increase expertise on marketing, branding, strategy and internationalisation

  • Develop partnership targeting international markets

  • Increase the clusters visibility in international markets

GCE Subsea Events
Other Events
Events about market
Business Growth Programme for GCE Subsea Members
22 May 2018 Vitensenteret 2 etg., Thormøhlens Gate 51, 5006 Bergen, Norway

As a result of our business development collaboration with MIT, BTO and other Norwegian partners, we are now offering a 12-week ScaleUp programme suited for companies in position for growth and expansion.

Breakfast Seminar – Market Update Brazil
24 May 2018 DNB Solheimsviken, Bergen

In collaboration with DNB we invite you to a breakfast seminar that will provide you with an exclusive update on the market and business environment in Brazil, the world’s largest subsea market.

Offshore Wind Seminar – Subsea Challenges and Opportunities
31 May 2018 Sparebanken Vest, Jonsvollsgaten 2, 5011 Bergen, Norway

We invite you to a seminar to discuss the challenges and opportunities that global offshore wind represents. Furthermore, to explore how the Norwegian supply industry can take a pole position in developing unique solutions to meet todays and tomorrows requirements within offshore wind, for floati...

Entrepreneurship Summer School
4–7 June 2018 University of Agder (UiA) Jon Lilletuns vei 9, 4879 Grimstad, Norway

Welcome to a four-day entrepreneurship programme in collaboration with MIT and Bill Aulet, hosted by the University of Agder. You will learn entrepreneurial skills and be equipped with a proven, systematic and rigorous approach to grow your business to new heights.

GCE Subsea fellesstand – ONS 2018
27–30 August 2018 Stavanger Forum, Stavanger

Vi inviterer våre partner- og medlemsbedrifter til å dele stand med oss på ONS, som gjennomføres 27. – 30. august 2018 i Stavanger.