Co-exhibit with us at Oceanology?

We invite you to co-exhibit with GCE Subsea and Innovation Norway at our common stand area at the Oceanology exhibit in 2020.

17–19 March 2020

The Ocean Sustainability Park is an island stand area at the Oceanology exhibit dedicated to companies from GCE Subsea and Innovation Norway. The area is 96 sqm and has room for 12 – 14 companies.

Who Should Join?

Companies that want to exhibit with us and Innovation Norway under the common slogan “Norway – Pioneering Ocean Sustainability”, and who offer innovative Norwegian ocean technology within oil and gas, maritime and aquaculture should consider this opportunity.

Stand Options

There are two stand options available based on space needed to showcase technology:

Stand Option 1

  • Corner/prime spot
  • Dedicated space for lagert exhibits, models/products
  • Panel/wallspace (2m x 2m) for graphics, logo and or screen/monitor for presentations
  • Lockable infocounter
  • Power/el and lighting
  • Common meeting tables and refreshments during expo hours
  • Side event

Stand Option 2

  • Spot with good exposure
  • Panel/wallspace (1m x 1m) for graphics, logo and/or screen/monitor for presentations
  • Lockable infocounter, power/el and lighting
  • Common meeting tables and refreshments during expo hours
  • Side event

Learn more about the Ocean Sustainability Park concept.

Participation and Costs

The event is open for all.

  • The cost for stand option 1 is 120.000,- NOK
  • The cost for stand option 2 is 50.000,- NOK

To learn more or book a stand, contact Thomas Bjerkmann at Innovation Norway.

The stand is organised in collaboration with



London, UK

Contact Information:

Anne-Grethe Solbakk

Head of Finance and Communication
+47 476 55 188

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