Meet the Journalist

We invite our partners and members to an exclusive meeting with Offshore Engineer Magazine at ONS in Stavanger.

31 August 2016, 15:00 – 16:00
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GCE Subsea Offshore Engineer Supplement front-page 2016

The global journal Offshore Engineer will produce a supplement exclusively for our subsea cluster. We encourage all GCE Subsea partners and members to contribute to the editorial content of the journal by sharing your stories. Read more about the supplement project in the article Exclusive Branding Opportunity.

We invite our partners and members to a social gathering to meet our contacts in Offshore Engineer Magazine at our stand 704 at ONS next week. At the gathering you will receive more information about the supplement and an exclusive opportunity to sell in your story directly to the journalist. We will be serving refreshments and a light snack at the meeting.

Participation and costs

The event is open for GCE Subsea partners and members only, and is free of charge.

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Register below by Tuesday 30 August.

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Stand 704, ONS, Stavanger Forum, Stavanger


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Contact Information:

Anne-Grethe Solbakk

Head of Finance and Communication
+47 476 55 188

GCE Subsea Supplement

In 2014, we signed a long-term agreement with Offshore Engineer Magazine, which involves producing and publishing an annual magazine supplement exclusively for the Cluster.

In this supplement, we promote the world’s leading subsea cluster, from operators to suppliers and service companies, in international markets.