Mutually Valuable Internship

Joachim Almestad has been working as a student intern for GCE Subsea on the successful Ocean Innovation Catapult application. This has been a great success for both parties.

Published: 8 June 2018
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Almestad has been working on the Ocean Innovation Catapult project, which was announced granted earlier this week. His main task has been to map and transfer experiences from similar centers globally, their business model, owner structure and how they present themselves on the Internet. Almestad is a master student in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL). As part of the programme, the students have a 10 week intern period in a company and Almestad worked with us from April to June 2018.

The Student Experience

Almestad himself states: – I am very grateful for the opportunity and trust given to me as an intern in GCE Subsea. It has been very inspiring and educational, and the thing I am going to remember best is the work I have done related to the OIC – application.

I have learnt that project work is really exciting and something I could see myself doing in the future. To work with such great people has been inspirational and a great honor.

Almestad continues, – During my time in GCE Subsea I have been lucky to work with challenging tasks, which is something I hoped for. I have experienced that it is important to constantly aim for further progress, and to understand that there is always more to learn. This is something I will bring with me into my professional career. I have also been a part of the operational part of GCE Subsea and participated at seminars, workshops, meetings and business visits. I have always liked working with people and it is incredibly nice when you meet people you have greeted at an earlier occasion. Once again, thank you for this opportunity, Almestad concludes.


– Almestad has been a great resource to our team, says Jon Oddvar Hellevang, Senior Subsea Innovator in GCE Subsea, who together with Inge Ådland, Senior Business Developer in BTO, constitute the core team in the Ocean Innovation Catapult project.

– Almestad has been self-going and very proactive in his approach. He has jumped to the challenges without any hesitation and has provided valuable input, says Hellevang. We can strongly recommend other companies to recruit students to assist them in their daily work. 

We would like to thank Joachim Almestad for his strong assistance in securing the funding for the Ocean Innovation Catapult, and wishes him the best of luck further in his career.

Concerning interns, we would also like to remind companies about the possibility to attract Master student interns in Ocean Technology

About Norwegian Catapult

Norsk katapult is a governmental owned competence infrastructure programme which aims to build and make available test, simulation and visualisation centres for industrial based research and innovation projects.

The programme aims to move new ideas faster, cheaper and better from the concept stage to introduction to the market.

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Contact Information:

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Senior Subsea Innovator
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