Successful Crossover

The programme Oil and Gas meets Aquaculture has spurred many oil and gas companies’ interest in aquaculture as a new market for subsea technology. Many have already done business in this sector, and others are on the way in.

Published: 27 March 2018
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Last years’ counter-cyclical markets between oil and gas and aquaculture shows that it makes sense to be in both markets, from a business-risk point of view. After being introduced to the aquaculture industry through this programme, our members have seen that knowledge and systems from the subsea industry has great potential also in aquaculture.

Understanding the Business

It is paramount to understand a new market before market entry. Aquaculture is not only about technology, rather mainly about fish biology and fish welfare. Through close cooperation with our sister cluster, NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster and their access to the fish farmers, oil and gas companies have gained valuable new knowledge about all aspects of the aquaculture industry. This way, it becomes easier for oil and gas companies to understanding the needs of the aquaculture industry and to offer solutions to many of their challenges.

From Sensors to Complete New Pen Systems

Among the participants in the programme were companies delivering underwater sensors, underwater sensor systems and even companies taking part in applications for development permits, with complete new pen designs aimed at more optimal feeding systems, prevention of lice and prevention of escapees. Another category is companies from oil and gas mechanical industries that see a new market for manufacturing of metal structures and components for the feed barges and the new pen systems.

The Results

A survey carried out by the project facilitator Deloitte, of the participating companies showed that:

  • 73 per cent of the respondents gained increased knowledge about the aquaculture industry
  • 55 per cent increased their network in the industry
  • 68 percent replied that they were not involved with the aquaculture industry before the programme
  • 73 per cent reported that they have developed or are in the process of developing products and services for the aquaculture industry

The programme also stimulated the companies to apply for project funding, and several participants also reported that they have applied for project funding from GCE Subsea, Innovation Norway and the Research Council of Norway.

The Oil & Gas meets Aquaculture programme between GCE Subsea and NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster has been a model crossover programme proving that such cross-industry initiatives can bear fruits. Going forward we will build on this experience to develop similar crossover programmes between oil and gas and marine renewable energy.

Oil and Gas meets Aquaculture

This is a cluster-to-cluster programme between GCE Subsea and NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster, facilitated by Deloitte and sponsored by Hordaland County Council.

Contact Information:

Kai Stoltz

Business Development Manager
+47 930 16 772