MOTUS Buoys Success

Aanderaa’s MOTUS buoys are successfully delivered to aquaculture, LNG terminals, coastal authorities and shipping ports.

Published: 9 March 2018
MOTUS buoy.jpg

The MOTUS buoy which is being tested by the Hywind site

A year after the launch of the MOTUS buoy family, the solutions are delivering value to a diverse set of customers.

The MOTUS buoy utilizes a standard Xylem Analytics navigational buoy, and turns this into a platform for measuring environmental parameters important for ocean industries. These parameter include wave direction and height, ocean currents in depths from surface and down, water quality and meteorological sensors.

In a joint project funded by MAROFF with Christian Michelsen Research, Norwegian Meteorological Institute and Uni Research Polytec, the MOTUS wave sensor has been developed, correlated and compared with models and forecasts. The results have been an accuracy both for waves and for current measurements beyond what was expected.

Results from different industries and experiences are presented at the Oceanology International in London on 14 March, please sign up at Aanderaas website.

For more information about the MOTUS concept, please visit Aanderaa MOTUS website.