Pinless AUV Connection

WiSub and partners

Published: 6 February 2018

Signing the BN21 agreement


AUVs require costly and risky surface vessel support for recovery, to retrieve data, recharge, and re-launch.


A Universal AUV Pinless Charging and Data Transfer Interface for use at docking stations for resident AUVs.

GCE Subsea:

Wisub participated in our Subsea First Step business acceleration programme in 2011, and has received GCE Subsea pre-project funding twice. GCE Subsea has supported WiSub during several IFU and Petromaks application processes.

  • Successfully adapting their pinless connection technology to new application areas
  • Secured international partners
  • Awarded 2,9 million Norwegian kroner from Petromaks2 BN21 programme
Olof Nilsson, Project Manager Wisub:

GCE Subsea has helped improve WiSub supply chain and business network by holding relevant networking events, also proactively introducing us to individuals and organizations important for our success. GCE Subsea’s influence has been a force multiplier for WiSub.

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