Ocean Innovation – Because We Can

Norwegian underwater technology is leading the way in transforming the ocean industries and enabling sustainable blue growth.

Published: 4 January 2018

Norwegian underwater technology and knowledge is world leading, and has been developed largely through offshore exploration- and production of oil and gas on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. GCE Subsea is bringing our superior underwater technology to the next level, through expanding our industry in to a wider ocean industry context – a strategic focus area we call Ocean Innovation.

Within this focus are of Ocean Innovation we work to demonstrate the advantages, and opportunities, in utilising subsea technology as an enabler for smart solutions in other ocean industries like offshore renewable energy (e.g. wind, wave, tidal), aquaculture and deep-sea mining. 

Does it Work

Since entering the Global Centre of Expertise (GCE) programme in 2016, several exiting ocean innovation initiatives within aquaculture and offshore wind have emerged in the cluster. Mainly as a result of increased collaboration between the industry and the R&D environments, as well as increased collaboration across the ocean innovation clusters.

The increased crossover activities expand the growth potential for the industry, strengthens cash flow and greatly contributes to reducing business risk. Several oil and gas companies from the cluster have already established business and even separate business units and sister companies working with other ocean industries.

Be Visible

GCE Subsea will, for the first time, participate at the Oceanology International Conference in London 13-15 March 2018, the world's premier event for ocean technology and marine science.

If you are interested in joining us, and exhibit at the Norwegian Pavilion, please visit the Innovation Norway website for more information.

If you are participating at Oceanology International 2018 and would like a meeting with GCE Subsea, please contact us.

Contact Information:

Gisle Nondal

R&D Manager
+47 957 71 846