Attractive Onboarding Programme for Oil and Gas Companies targeting Aquaculture

As an extension of our crossover efforts, oil and gas companies are invited to join the Seafood Trainee Programme. This is an efficient way to ensure that a new hire intended to work towards the aquaculture industry will learn about the industry in record time, while also building an invaluable network.

Published: 12 December 2017
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Good trainee programmes reduce the time it takes for new hires to reach acceptable productivity, quickly integrating them into the culture and the team, and making sure they understand how their role fits into the big picture.

Benefits for the Host Company

For oil and gas companies targeting aquaculture, hiring a trainee through the Seafood Trainee programme will be a very smart move. You will get an employee that will learn about the Aquaculture industry together with peers from that very industry, thus also building an invaluable network with leading actors in the industry, like Marine Harvest, Lerøy Seafood, Grieg Seafood and Cargill. Another benefit is that the Trainee candidates are carefully vetted and selected by the programme owner NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster and a professional recruiter.

Offering a seafood trainee position to a new hire will also make your company stand out as an attractive employer and boost your reputation.

Seafood Trainee Programme

Seafood Trainee is a trainee programme for recent graduates. The programme is a combination of a job in a seafood company, and an academic programme of 12 days spread over four modules in Bergen, Trondheim and Brussel/Paris.

The Seafood Trainee programme is relevant for recent graduates with a master’s degree in economics, technology, marketing, science or law, or candidates with an equivalent master’s degree from Norway or any other country. Seafood Trainee is a one-year programme, and is conducted in Norwegian.


Each trainee will be part of the daily operations of a company, and will gain knowledge about its total operations worldwide. It also includes a working place in the main office, subsidiary or in the office of a cooperating partner abroad. Every company appoints a mentor for their trainee. This will be an experienced senior person who knows the company and the industry well. Among the responsibilities of the mentor is to overlook the trainee’s professional development in the company.

Academic Programme

The programme is a combination of a job in one of the companies participating in the programme, an academic programme of 12 days spread over four modules in Norway and a study trip abroad. The academic modules serve several purposes. The most important one is building relevant competence through lectures, group work and company presentations. In addition, they serve as a meeting place for exchanging experiences as well as a social arena for networking. Altogether this will give a broad overview of the various entities in the seafood industry.


  • Module 1: Seafood sector - The Value Chain, Bergen
  • Module 2: Research and Technology, Trondheim
  • Module 3: Marketing and Sales, Brussel/Paris
  • Module 4: Innovation, Tromsø

The cost for the company is 50.000 Norwegian Kroner, and includes professional recruitment of candidates, 12 days academic programme and trainee programme administration.

Learn more about the programme at the NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster webpage.

Oil and gas companies who want to become a Seafood Trainee company and offer one or more trainee positions under the Seafood Trainee programme, please contact Tanja Hoel, General Manager at NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster by e-mail or phone +47 928 01 315 as soon as possible, at the latest by 15 January 2018.

NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster

The NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster is the largest seafood cluster in the world representing the entire value chain. 

The cluster aims to play a leading role in producing enough healthy and sustainable food for a growing world population.

Their vision is to see a threefold growth of Norwegian seafood production by 2030.

Contact Information:

Gunnar Buvik

Business Development Manager
+47 905 61 215