Industrie 4.0 – A Project Update

The digital transformation of the oil and gas industry has the potential to unlock an ocean of possibilities.

Published: 17 August 2017

Several companies from the three GCE Clusters (GCE Subsea, GCE NODE and GCE Blue Maritime) are participating in our collaborative project whose main target is to contribute to increased competitiveness in the companies’ main markets nationally and internationally. The project, funded by Hordaland County Council, has been running since November 2016 and will end in December 2017.

The project has focused on:

  1. How to capitalize from the possibilities of the digital transformation.
  2. How to stimulate to increased innovation, profitability and employment.
Collaboration is King!

A vital part for succeeding in the digital transformation is collaboration. Apart from fruitful collaboration across the GCE’s, the project has been collaborating with the German M.A.I Carbon Cluster, having members from many business areas, including aerospace and automotive. The latter are known for highly volatile markets thus requiring efficient and effective manufacturing technologies.

SME Business Sustainability

As part of the project a summit will be arranged in Grimstad in Norway. Here you will learn about the main project findings, have the opportunity to visit the most modern and advanced robotic test-lab in Europe (Mechatronic Innovation Lab) and be inspired by the M.A.I. Carbon Cluster.

For invitation and more information, please go to GCE NODE event site.

Contact Information:

Gisle Nondal

R&D Manager
+47 957 71 846