Supply Chain Opportunities in Offshore Wind Report

Norwegian Energy Partners has released a comprehensive report analysing the offshore wind market and the opportunities for Norwegian offshore companies.

Published: 21 June 2017

Earlier this year Norwegian Energy Partners held a series of seminars and workshops in the main cities along the coast of Norway on the topic of oil and gas diversification to offshore wind. 9 March GCE Subsea arranged such an event in Bergen together with Norwegian Energy Partners and saw a significant interest from our members.

As a follow-up, Norwegian Energy Partners have now released a comprehensive report called Norwegian Supply Chain Opportunities in Offshore Wind.

Big Investments Planned

Europe is currently the leading global region for offshore wind development, and according to the report the build-out has accelerated in recent years to reach more than 13 GW installed capacity, or a total of roughly 58 billion GBP spent. Going forward, expectations are high and it is estimated that the installed capacity will reach 43.8GW by 2025, representing another 100 billion GBP in investments.

Recognised strategy advisors and industry commentators are expecting offshore wind to be a major contributor to the energy mix in the future, not only in Europe, but in several countries with exploitable offshore wind resources.

Valuable Tool to Identify New Opportunities

We have spoken with Jon Dugstad, Head of Wind & Solar in Norwegian Energy Partners, and he is very satisfied with the report, which has been prepared for Norwegian Energy Partners by BVG Associates. – The report seeks to give you a solid understanding of the Norwegian industry offering to offshore wind, while at the same time analysing the opportunities for the Norwegian industry in the offshore wind value chain, he says.

Dugstad hopes that the report will provide oil and gas companies with a valuable tool to identify new cost-reducing technologies and services in offshore wind while at the same time giving them a better understanding of the Norwegian industry´s opportunities in this exciting market.

High Potential for Technology Transfer

The Norwegian oil and gas industry has a high expertise within offshore environments and operations, and is supported by an excellent maritime industry. – These factors combined give a strong offering to the offshore wind industry. In some areas, the share of Norwegian companies active in the industry is already very high, such as in subsea cables, cable installation, substations and both substations and turbine installation services, says Dugstad.

According to Dugstad, the recent reduction in activity within offshore oil and gas has allowed a number of Norwegian companies to find a new market in offshore wind. – This industry is highly innovative and a number of solutions, technologies and processes have already been implemented in the offshore wind market allowing for reduced costs and higher efficiencies, Dugstad concludes.

Download the complete report Supply Chain Opportunities in Offshore Wind.

Norwegian Energy Partners

Norwegian Energy Partners is the result of a merger between INTSOK and Intpow in 2017.

Norwegian Energy Partners will continue to provide support to the oil and gas supply industry in Norway with the same dedication and quality that they have been doing for the last 20 years, but they are now also working with the renewable energy sector.

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