Substantial SkatteFUNN Growth for GCE Subsea

The amount of SkatteFUNN funding to GCE Subsea members and partners have increased several times over the last five years. GCE Subsea can help you secure funding and realise your projects.

Published: 22 May 2017
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From a handful of projects amounting to a total of about 10 million Norwegian Kroner each year in the period 2009-2011, this was more than doubled in the next three-year period, with an even higher increase to 72 and 85 million in 2015 and 2016 respectively.

The projects cover a wide range of solutions for all parts of e subsea industry. About 50 per cent of the projects are categorised as petroleum projects, 17 per cent as environmental projects, while power, maritime, marine and ICT are other main categories.

Considerable Oil and Gas Growth

– SkatteFUNN has experienced a large growth in general over the last five years, and especially within the Oil and Gas sector with 185 per cent increase the last five years, says Erik Furseth, Senior Advisor SkatteFUNN Oil & Gas in the Research Council of Norway. He has created an overview of SkatteFUNN funding awarded to GCE Subsea members and partners.

Jon Oddvar Hellevang is Senior Subsea Innovator in GCE Subsea. He is pleased to see that the GCE Subsea cluster has increased its funding significantly more than this. – The down-term in the industry can probably explain some of the large increases we have seen the last two years, but we also see a positive trend before this, Hellevang says.

– We see an increased interest in getting public funding and we have helped a record number of companies secure funding over the last few years.  It is extremely encouraging to see that the cluster companies succeeds in materialising their best projects, Hellevang says.

A Very Favourable Support

NUI is one of the companies who have used SkatteFUNN actively for several years. They received support for three new projects in 2016 and have currently six ongoing projects.

– SkatteFUNN is a very favourable support scheme, which really stimulates innovation, says Dan G. Skjoldal, Manager HSEQ and Project Control at NUI. – We have written the majority of the applications ourselves, which has worked fine, Skjoldal says.

NUI have also experience with Innovation Contracts (previously IFU), with support from Innovation Norway. – There is a higher threshold and it is somewhat more complex to write and harder to get, but the advantage is a higher support rate, Skjoldal says.

NUI is currently also looking into other funding opportunities including EU funding, where GCE Subsea have provided input and advice. – The advice and help from GCE Subsea has been very useful when evaluating and applying for different funding possibilities, Skjoldal finishes.

Get Funding Advise for Free

GCE Subsea helps our members and partners identify, select programme and apply funding for their project ideas with no charges. Choice of programme depends on a wide range of parameters such as type of project, partners, schedule, risk, IPR and confidentiality. 

– The key benefit with SkatteFUNN is low complexity and threshold to get funding. If you are eligible, you will get the funding. Another advantage is the possibility to apply now for work done earlier this year, while the majority of other programmes only covers costs from when the application is submitted or approved. The drawback is low support per cent compared to other funding schemes, Hellevang explains. 

Contact Information:

Jon O. Hellevang

Senior Subsea Innovator
+47 988 48 828