EU’s Next Research and Innovation Programme (FP9)

On 28 April 2017 GCE Subsea, and the other Norwegian Ocean Clusters sent our preliminary positions on the EU’s FP9 and outlining what to prioritise.

Published: 10 May 2017
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EU’s ninth framework programme for research and innovation; FP9 starts in 2020. Preparatory work is already underway across the EU.

The Ocean Clusters Preliminary Positions

On 28 April 2017, GCE Subsea, as part of the Norwegian Ocean Clusters sent our preliminary position, both to the EU and to the Norwegian Research Council, on what we believe the programme should focus on. 

Our main position is that FP9 should recognise Blue Growth – Mission Oceans, as one of the main EU missions to 2030 through promoting market-creating innovation.

Learn all about the Norwegian Ocean Clusters’ Preliminary Positions on the EUs next Framework Programme for Research and Innovation ("FP9") (PDF).

The Norwegian Ocean Innovation Clusters

GCE Subsea, GCE Blue Maritime, NCE Seafood, NCE Maritime Cleantech and Blue Legasea, in collaboration with their research partners UiB, UniResearch and Møreforskning, are the innovation and research clusters representing the three traditional ocean industries of Norway - subsea, seafood and maritime innovation - as well as the marine ingredients industry that will enable the blue biotechnology industries of tomorrow.

Contact Information:

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EU Advisor
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