4Subsea Automates Integrity Testing with New “Engineer-in-a-box” Solution

4Subsea has launched Portable Annulus Tester (PAT), a product that automates integrity testing of flexible risers. In fact, the less than 30kg rolling suitcase may replace the engineers going offshore for annulus testing.

Published: 9 December 2016

Where is the engineer? Automated integrity testing with the portable PAT.

The pioneering technology digitises integrity management of flexible risers, at the same time making the operators a whole lot more cost effective.

The objectives of the annulus tests are to verify the flexible riser outer sheath integrity and the functionality of the ventilation system. The hand carried test unit performs complete annulus tests, and algorithms are enabling the operator to take immediate action if anomalies are detected.

PAT has successfully been used and proved on offshore operations for two major operators in the North Sea and is available for worldwide operations.