Simplified Hydraulic Distribution

Fjell Subsea Products and partners

Published: 1 October 2016

Chief Technical Officer Alf Berland at Fjell Subsea Products’ workshop in Straume, Bergen.


Reliable, flexible and cost efficient solution for hydraulic distribution.


Compact and modular coupler with interchangeable sealing solutions.

GCE Subsea:

Provided input to applications for IFU and Skattefunn funding. Fjell Subsea Products took part in the Subsea Next Step programme in 2012 and the market entry programme for Brazil in 2016.

  • Secured investors.
  • Successful commercialisation.
  • Collaboration with MFX in Brazil.
  • Shell as sponsor for development project.
Kristian Karlsen, Founder of Fjell Subsea Products:

GCE Subsea has provided valuable support in acquiring project funding and developed our business plan for our products.

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