Fjell Subsea Products Awarded Project Funding

Fjell Subsea Products (FSP) has received 5.2 million Norwegian Kroner in public funding. The project is also sponsored by Shell and is part of a 30 million Norwegian Kroner development project.

Published: 16 November 2016

Chief Technical Officer Alf Berland at Fjell Subsea Products’ workshop in Straume, Bergen.

The grant pertains to ‘Qualification of a Unified and Modularized Flying Lead System’. The project is funded by Innovation Norway’s IFU programme and Skattefunn. – This project would not have been possible without support from Innovation Norway, whom we would like to thank, says Kristian Karlsen, Founder of FSP.

Support from GCE Subsea

GCE Subsea provided assistance in establishing the successful applications. – It was very useful to get input and advice from people who are used to develop, write and review R&D project applications, says Karlsen.

GCE Subsea contributes both professionally and financially in the realisation of projects. – We offer information and advice free of charge to all our partners and members, says Jon O. Hellevang, Senior Subsea Innovator in GCE Subsea. – For more comprehensive assistance we allocate our support based on a brief application.

FSP has taken part in several of GCE Subsea programmes and activities. During their first year in operation they took part in the Subsea Next Step business development programme in 2012, and were later awarded the title of Subsea Upcoming Company of the Year for 2012.

FSP recently participated in a market entry programme for Brazil. This programme was a huge success leading to a partnership with the well-known and recognised Brazilian umbilical supplier MFX. MFX will work in partnership with FSP during the qualification programme.

Simplification and Modularity

The development project aims to take forward and qualify a wide range of products. These products are designed with a much greater degree of standardisation and modular design, contributing to very competitive manufacturing costs.

– The coupler is compact and modular with interchangeable sealing solutions within the same hardware, allowing the couplers to meet requirements for different purposes and applications. This design philosophy not only ensures a quality and robust product, but enables a very cost effective solution, Karlsen finishes.

About Fjell Subsea Products

FSP was established in 2012 and is an independent specialised subsea technology and manufacturing company providing complete Flying Lead Systems with a competitive range of Hydraulic Stab Plates, Ball Valves, Hot Stabs, Gas Lift Connectors and associated products. In addition, FSP provide complete ROV panels and umbilical termination heads with their core technology integrated. The company holds several patents for their technology.

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Contact Information:

Jon O. Hellevang

Senior Subsea Innovator
+47 988 48 828