Ocean Industry - Market and Branding Collaboration

The three Global Centres of Expertise (GCE) clusters have been granted a lead by Innovation Norway, regarding a pilot project for developing a joint Norwegian branding strategy. The purpose is to strengthen Norwegian exports and improve the promoting of foreign investments within the ocean industries.

Published: 6 October 2016

GCE Blue Maritime, GCE Node and GCE Subsea will collaborate in planning and carrying out the pilot project for the Innovation Norway project “Branding Norway”. - A stronger branding collaboration and coordination will strengthen Norwegian exports and help promote foreign investments within the ocean industries, says Owe Hagesæther.

The industries of NCE Seafood Innovation and NCE Maritime Clean Tech in the Bergen and Hordaland region has been invited to participate.

The pre-poject will be organised and consist of four phases:

Phase 1: The Anchoring Phase

The three GCE clusters will together with Innovation Norway describe and present the pilot project for other Ocean Industry clusters and invite them as participants to the project.  As part of this, a collaborating project organisation will be established.

Phase 2: Export Opportunities

An important part of the pilot project will be to run workshops to identify and describe actions and provide input on measures to strengthen export opportunities for the Norwegian ocean industries. These workshops will be arranged on different locations and together with other cluster organisations in the project.

Phase 3: Foreign Investments in Norway

Another key aspect of the pilot project will be to provide input on activities that will strengthen existing foreign investments and also better promote Norway as a beneficial country for foreign investments. Foreign-owned enterprises are essential in most Norwegian ocean industries and it is extremely important that we retain and develop these in the changing times we are experiencing in the Norwegian economy.

Phase 4: Ocean Industries as part of «Branding Norway»

The Ocean Industry is one of six high priority future industries in Norway. This pilot project will contribute to how this in a national context, will be branded and expressed worldwide.

Contact Information:

Owe Hagesæther

Chief Executive Officer
+47 908 75 888