Taking Subsea Technology into Fish Farming

Østerbø Maskin and Japanese partner Yanmar have developed an effective net cleaner for the fish farming industry. The use of subsea technology gives benefits compared to traditional methods.

Published: 3 June 2016
Østerbø Maskin notvasker.jpg

Østerbø Maskin’s net cleaner being submerged into a fish cage.

Development of the net cleaner has been going on for the past eight years, based on the Japanese company Yanmar’s technology. Østerbø Maskin has extensive knowledge within fish farming, mechanical production and subsea technology where they have contributed with both theoretical and practical skills.

Knowledge of the Fish Farming Industry

One of Østerbø Maskin’s major owners is Osland Fiskefarm, a progressive and significant player in the West Norwegian marine industry. – This close constellation has given us an excellent opportunity to sort out a number of challenges that the fish farm industry is facing, says Steinar Holen, General Manager at Østerbø Maskin.

– Rinsing of the nets has always been a labor intensive task and therefore a significant expense for the fish farming businesses. An efficient net cleaner saves time and enables the fish farmers to clean the nets more frequently. Cleaner nets contribute to better fish health.

Crossover Thinking

In 2014 Østerbø Maskin joined GCE Subsea to strengthen their market strategy. The combination of technical knowledge, new thoughts based on subsea technology and extensive insight into the demands of the fish farm industry, led the company to develop the new product. – This is crossover thinking in a constructive way, says Holen. - We are proud of taking part in developing devices that increases the value added in Norwegian marine industry.

International Collaboration

Collaboration, developing the net cleaner, started with existing Yanmar technology. Østerbø Maskin saw demands and challenges that the Norwegian fish farming industry was facing. Devices to be used at the hoarse and rough Norwegian coastline, must have the best quality and strength to withstand very varying conditions.

Østerbø Maskin has been the driving force in implementing new solutions customised for Norwegian conditions. – We now have a very good product with global market opportunities, states Holen. – When a device is working well under Norwegian conditions we are sure it will work well in all other conditions. The opposite is not necessarily the case, Holen ends.

Future Plans

Østerbø Maskin is now developing other types of cleaning devices for the fish farming and marine industry, based on different demands. There are also plans to offer some of the methods to the land-based industry.

Contact Information

Steinar Holen
General Manager at Østerbø
E-mail: steinar@osterbo.no
Phone: +47 481 61 723