Delivering on Crossover

When our subsea cluster achieved Global Centres of Expertice status we introduced a new focus area called Ocean Innovation. Already, we see many promising crossover opportunities between subsea and other ocean-related industries.

Published: 30 May 2016
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GCE Subsea - overview illustration

In March 2015, Owe Hagesæther, CEO of GCE Subsea  and Geir Anton Johansen, Dean at Bergen University College coauthored an article in Bergens Tidende titled Put our efforts in where we could be best (external site).  The article stated that "The Bergen Region has a unique basis for taking a leading global position in viewing subsea, aquaculture and the maritime sector in a common context".

The article went on to stress the importance of cluster-to-cluster collaboration in this respect, and the importance of collaboration between industry, academia and R&D.

New Focus Area – Ocean Innovation

Since then, NCE Subsea has become GCE Subsea, the highest level of cluster programme status in Norway. In the application for GCE status, much emphasis was placed on cluster-to- cluster collaboration, and the term Crossover was coined.

Ocean Innovation is one of our sub-goals in the GCE Subsea Strategy, with the aim to raise awareness of the possibilities and potential in utilising subsea technology, and its knowledge base, within related industries.  Within Crossover, we have initially singled out aquaculture, offshore wind and deep sea mining, but we will also look at other relevant areas like wave and tidal energy in order to explore areas of common interest, learning and possibilities.

Focus on Ocean Innovation is also very much in line with the government’s strategies for blue growth in Norway and on 30 May the Norwegian Government will address these issues in their Ocean Conference in Bergen. Together with the other blue clusters in the region: NCE Seafood Innovation, Maritimt Forum and NCE Maritime Cleantech we have been involved in the planning of the conference. Read more about Havkonferansen 2016.

Examples of Crossover Activities

One of the first crossover projects that we embarked upon was a project led by one of our members, Deloitte. Here, NCE Seafood Innovation and GCE Subsea have been working on identifying commonalities between subsea and aquaculture to find areas where knowledge from the subsea industry is applicable for solving challenges facing the aquaculture industry. An important part of this project was the event Oil & Gas meets Aquaculture; an all day excursion to two of Lerøy Seafood’s locations in Osterfjorden.

Thus far this year we have arranged these network events with focus on crossover:

During this year’s visit to OTC Houston, we learned that the US Oil & Gas industry is also very much oriented towards exploring collaboration and Crossover opportunities across industries, for example across the medicine and space industry. Not surprisingly, as Houston is a knowledge Hub for both areas.

The response to Crossover from the subsea industry has been very good, as many see the potential for expanding their businesses into related ocean space areas. This is supported by a poll carried out amongst our members, where 61 per cent of the respondents replied that they wish to take actively part in our Ocean Innovation activities and 56 per cent replied that they wish to strengthen Crossover technologies.

When asked about which Crossover markets they were considering, 62 per cent answered Offshore Wind, 49 per cent Aquaculture and 46 per cent Maritime Industries. Deep Sea Mining, Defence and Environmental Monitoring all scored 42 per cent.

The Road Ahead

Going forward, GCE Subsea will continue to focus on Crossover and we plan to make this a theme in some of our projects and events in the second half of this year. Members with crossover initiatives are invited to share their crossover stories with us.

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Business Development Manager
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