"Norsk Katapult" Programme – Benefits for the Subsea Industry

More test centers will speed up the pace of innovation. Thus, there is an urgent need to implement the programme. Improved access to testing, simulation and visualisation centers are crucial for companies to be able to develop products and new solutions faster and better.

Published: 11 March 2016


- "Norsk Katapult" centers will contribute to more innovation across sectors, more disruptive innovation and faster steps towards a low-carbon society, says Gaute Moldestad, Section Manager for Cluster Programs in SIVA.

The Norwegian industry have argued for the importance of the "Norsk Katapult" programme proposal facing the The Standing Committee on Business and Industry  in connection with the budget process of 2016. The industry have proposed that it is included in the revised national budget. Several of the industrial clusters have emphasised how important the "Norsk Katapult" programme is for industrial “crowdfunding economy" and that strengthening the physical infrastructure is important for cooperation within the industrial clusters.

- We have received many inquiries from clusters regarding support for test centers recently, says Moldestad.

Realising the "Norsk Katapult" programme is an important contribution to increased innovation, entrepreneurship and efficient product development in the Norwegian subsea industry, says Owe Hagesæther, CEO in GCE Subsea. This will benefit the subsea industries’ market position and competitiveness, he continues.

Strengthening Corporate Competitiveness

"Norsk Katapult" will strengthen the regional R&D infrastructure by supporting development and investment in R&D labs, centers and equipment. Furthermore, it will strengthen the ability and pace of innovation. With the high level of costs in Norway, innovation and entrepreneurship is essential for the Norwegian subsea industriy’s competitiveness, and to secure jobs and value creation in Norway.

The Research Council of Norway, Innovation Norway and Siva delivered the report ”Norsk Katapult” to the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries in February 2015. The proposal suggests organising "Norsk Katapult" in the same department as the Incubator programme in Siva. The report is based on, and supported by several suggestions, notes, publications and articles from previous years.

Read more about Norsk Katapult programme (external pdf in Norwegian).

Read more about the report Norsk Katapult (external pdf in Norwegian).

Norsk Katapult

Norsk Katapult is a governmental owned competence infrastructure programme which aims to build and make available test, simulation and visualization centers for industrial based research and innovation projects.

Contact Information:

Owe Hagesæther

Chief Executive Officer
+47 908 75 888