Business Collaboration in Australia

In cooperation with INTSOK, the Norwegian Ambassador Unni Kløvstad invited 60 Australian and Norwegian business executives to a workshop lunch during the Australasian Oil & Gas Conference last week.

Published: 4 March 2016
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Norwegian Ambassador Unni Kløvstad and INTSOK advisor Tore Moe opened the workshop. Owe Hagesæther, CEO in GCE Subsea, gave an initial speech about cluster thinking when building an industry. Moreover, Hagesæther offered insight into some of the most important GCE Subsea projects and initiatives. Geir Anton Johansen, Dean and Professor at Bergen University College presented the Global Subsea University Alliance and some of its research projects.

Topics of Discussion

During the workshop, the Australian delegates shared the latest facts about the Australian LGN market; Australia is the country that invests most heavily in liquefied natural gas (LNG). From 2010 to 2015, Australian investments accounted for over 60 per cent of the total LNG expenditures.

Due to new projects sanctioned, the LNG production in Australia is expected to surpass Qatar, which is currently the largest LNG producer in the world. Furthermore, Australia will produce twice as much as Qatar by 2030. Operators invested heavily in LNG from 2011-2014, but are currently decreasing expenditure as the investment cycle comes to an end. However, LNG Investments are expected to pick up again in 2018 as new projects are sanctioned.

The workshop discussion then turned towards the Western Australian markets increasing need for subsea lifecycle services and how this is the type of competence and experience, that Norwegian companies can supply to the Australian oil and gas industry.

Another topic at the workshop was the Global Subsea University Alliance. The alliance will continue to work with common research programmes where the industry will be challenged to offer input on research topics. The alliance is represented locally by Curtin University in Western Australia.

At the Australasian Oil & Gas Conference 2017, GCE Subsea Bergen College University, Subsea Energy Australia and Curtin University, will arrange a workshop where the subsea industry can challenge the alliance and highlight research topics of top industry relevance.

Furthermore, GCE Subsea and the new National Energy Resources Australia (NERA), found common grounds at the workshop and have decided on future collaboration. NERA’s aim is to promote collaboration and innovation across the energy resources sector both nationally and internationally.

The Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science Christopher Pyne, who was part of this discussion, stated that the Australian Government has invested $30.0 million over four years in NERA. NERA will focus on embracing innovation and putting research to work, which is a goal GCE Subsea shares with them.

More collaboration will increase business growth, became the meeting mantra, emphasised by several Australian business representatives, who expressed the need for a cluster model to increase cooperation and business in the region. GCE Subsea will contribute to increased collaboration with the Australian marked, by sharing our knowledge and experience to help increase cooperation and business between Australian and Norwegian companies. 

Contact Information:

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Chief Executive Officer
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