GCE Subsea at Arctic Frontiers

CEO Owe Hagesæther presented GCE Subsea at Arctic Frontiers Business in Tromsø.

Published: 10 February 2016
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Owe Hagesæther, CEO GCE Subsea

Arctic Frontiers, a conference attracting more than 1000 participants, was organised in Tromsø the last week of January. The aim of the conference was to address development in the Arctic, linking politics, business and science. Special focus areas included economic growth and societal and environmental sustainability.

The role of GCE Subsea at the conference was to promote the cluster, its partners and members. - Furthermore, being members of the Arctic Frontiers Steering Committee, gives us a unique opportunity to address subsea issues on behalf of our partners and members and contribute to developing the conference agenda in the years to come, says Owe Hagesæther CEO of GCE Subsea.

Technology Needs

The Arctic holds extensive natural resources in what is recognised as a highly vulnerable area. It has a high potential for industrial development, however; it is of vital importance that such development is performed in a safe, environmentally sound and sustainable manner.

Cross-border and cross-sector collaboration and knowledge sharing will play a large role in the future development of the Arctic. GCE Subsea, GCE NODE and GCE Blue Maritime organised a joint breakout session discussing crossover technologies between ocean space industries: energy, seafood and maritime.

- GCE Subsea partners and members have long and strong traditions for research, innovation and technology development in the Arctic, says Gisle Nondal, R&D Manager of GCE Subsea.

- We believe that strengthened collaboration across the breadth of the Norwegian Innovation Clusters program puts Norway in pole position regarding future Arctic technology development, Nondal concludes.

Contact Information:

Gisle Nondal

R&D Manager
+47 957 71 846