New and Valuable Connections

Seven companies have just completed our Subsea First Step programme. Many new connections have been made, and a new connector solution with the potential to reduce costs by 70 per cent has matured.

Published: 20 January 2016
Odin Connect - SlideFlange.jpg

Odin Connect’s Slinge Flange prototype produced by CMR Prototech

Odin Connect was one of the seven companies attending the Subsea First Step programme. The company claims they can reduce the costs with pipeline joint by 70 per cent compared to existing solutions. Maintaining and modifying pipelines represents a major share of the operation costs in petroleum infrastructure.

– There are many hidden costs with current solutions. The cost saving potential we have identified is verified by potential customers, says Bent Pettersen, Project Manager in Odin Connect.

Pettersen attended the Subsea First Step programme with Board Manager Rune Langhelle. - The Subsea First Step programme has been very useful to us. It has helped us improve our business plan and present the value of our solutions to the customers, Pettersen says.

Awarded Start-up grant

On the final day of the Subsea First Step programme, Pål Haugetun, from Innovation Norway, announced that they had awarded Odin Connect with a “Phase 2 start-up grant” of 450.000 Norwegian kroner.

– The funding we have received will be used to certify and approve our solutions according to Statoil’s requirements for low-pressure pipeline connections. High-pressure pipelines are on our road map and subsea is definitely a possibility in the future, says Pettersen. – We are looking for industrial and financial collaboration partners for the future, Pettersen concludes.

Lean Startup

The focus of the Subsea First Step programme is Lean Startup, a methodology that helps companies develop products and services in a fast and cost-efficient way. An important part of the programme has been meeting with potential customers to receive feedback on market potential.

The participants have met with a wide range of mentors to get feedback on their direction, to ensure that their developments are targeting real problems and the innovations are realising their market potentials.   

Subsea First Step 2015

The participants in Subsea First Step 2015 were:

  • AMC-Technology
  • Hydratservices
  • Moonshine Solutions
  • Norsk Metalloverflate
  • Odin Connect
  • Perecon
  • Rock Physics Technology.

The programme was headed and executed by Bergen Teknologioverføring (BTO) and sponsored by Aker Solutions, DNB, Statoil and Innovation Norway, who also provided mentor services to the participants.

The Subsea First Step entrepreneurship programme was established in 2011 by NCE Subsea, Bergen Teknologioverføring (BTO) and Bergen University College. There is also a Subsea Next Step programme established. All programmes have received very good feedback and several innovations have been realised.

Contact Information:

Jon O. Hellevang

Senior Subsea Innovator
+47 988 48 828