Pinless Subsea Wet-mate Connector

WiSub and partners

Published: 24 April 2015
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Mark Bokenfohr with pinless subsea wet-mate connector.


Electrical connectors represent a significant cause of failure in subsea environments.


Eliminating pins and moving parts increases robustness and enables faster operations.

NCE Subsea:

supported applications for Petromaks2 and IFU funding. WiSub took part in the Subsea First Step programme in 2011.

  • International sales. Secured investors.
  • Collaboration with companies and R&D institutes both nationally and internationally.
  • OTC Spotlight on New Technology Award (2015).
Mark Bokenfohr, CEO and co-founder of WiSub:

NCE Subsea support has helped enable WiSub to court top Norwegian and international partners and secure funding for innovation projects.

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