Crossover Oil and Gas to Offshore Wind

Seaproof Solutions and partners

Published: 24 April 2015
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Offshore wind cable installation.


Fast, safe and reliable installation of cables, while providing protection over long periods.


Innovative water sealing and cable protection and termination for flexible and dynamic cables.

NCE Subsea:

Provided financial and professional support to establishing IFU funding in 2010. Seaproof Solutions participated in Subsea Next Step programme in 2012 with application within offshore wind as case.

  • Record contract with DONG Energy for offshore wind (2012).
  • Installed on nine offshore wind parks (2015 Q2).
  • 90 million Norwegian kroner in revenue within offshore wind in 2015. This is about twice the company’s total revenue in 2012.
Henrik Bang-Andreasen, CEO Seaproof Solutions:

Participation in the Subsea Next Step programme was very useful to expand our business for the bend-stiffener products towards the offshore wind market.

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