Permanent Oilfield Monitoring

OCTIO and partners

Published: 24 April 2015
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OCTIO Seabed monitoring illustration


Monitoring large areas during production and re-injection.


Permanent seabed monitoring that integrates reservoir and environmental monitoring.

GCE Subsea:

Has provided pre-project funding, helped identify industry and R&D partners and arranged workshops and a seminar. OCTIO participated in the Brazil Entry programme in 2011.

  • Contract with Statoil at Oseberg (2014).
  • Established DEMO2000 funding.
  • Closer collaboration between several complementary companies and R&D institutes.
Bjarte Fagerås, CEO OCTIO:

GCE Subsea has provided valuable support in several of our projects, both with their in-house expertise and by establishment of various market and technology focus groups.

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