NCE Subsea, a Huge Success

Very positive feedback and several external evaluations show that ten years with NCE Subsea have been a huge success.

Published: 22 December 2015
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The Subsea Cluster

Several studies conducted by Centre for Research-based Innovation at Bergen University College, show that NCE Subsea has, through pro-active measures, succeeded in building a common arena for innovation and knowledge sharing within the cluster. Furthermore, NCE Subsea have contributed with building cluster identity and trust between the cluster members.

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First Subsea Specific Education

The Subsea Bachelor Programme at Bergen University College that NCE Subsea participated in establishing, has been a huge success with the highest admission requirements through many consecutive years.

The programme has a proportion of female entrants that approaches 40 per cent and the study has also been established in Florø and Kristiansund. In addition, new master programmes have been established within both subsea and innovation and entrepreneurship.

Increased Innovation

Throughout a decade, NCE Subsea has supported more than sixty innovation projects resulting in more than 600 million Norwegian Kroner in external funding. Members ClampOn and WiSub were awarded the prestigious OTC Spotlight on New Technology Award, based on innovations supported by NCE Subsea.

We are also very pleased with the recent infrastructure funding awarded to realise another project we have supported - the Lofoten Vesterålen cable observatory. A pilot is installed and the complete observatory will support the future integrated environmental monitoring.

Guiding Entrepreneurs

In 2011, NCE Subsea, Bergen Teknologioverføring (BTO) and Bergen University College established the Subsea First Step entrepreneurship programme. After the great success in 2011, the programme was adapted into a Subsea Next Step programme targeting established companies.

Both programmes have received very good feedback and several innovations have been realised. The execution of the programmes is sponsored by Aker Solutions, DNB, Statoil and Innovation Norway who also provide mentor services to the participants.

Increased International Focus

The members’ international ambitions and engagement have grown considerable over the last ten years. Through the years, more and more companies have taken part in our international activities. Our breakfast seminar at OTC in Houston was one of our most visited events this year.

We have strengthened the collaboration with Norwegian clusters targeting the international market and 2016 will be the first year Norway will have one united delegation at OTC in Houston.

Ten years of NCE Subsea have been a huge success. We are eager to start our GCE-period with more resources, creating more value for our members in the years to come.

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Chief Executive Officer
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