Sogn og Fjordane Focusing on the Ocean Space

NCE Subsea is in collaboration with Maritim Forening Sogn og Fjordane, granted 1,5 million Norwegian kroner from Innovation Norway.

Published: 25 November 2015
Sogn og Fjordane focusing on the ocean space, photo Jan Tore Bøe.jpg

From left Stein Kvalsund, CEO Maritim Forening Sogn og Fjordane, Bjørn Lødemel (H), Member of Parliament, Trond Strømgren, Subsea Innovator NCE Subsea; Beate Grønnevik, Supplier Development Consultant Maritim Forening Sogn og Fjordane

The money granted from Innovation Norway to support our competence project will be used to increase the competence within the petroleum, maritime and marine businesses in Sogn og Fjordane county.

- This is of great importance for businesses in the cluster in the region, says Project Manager Trond Strømgren in NCE Subsea and Maritim Forening Sogn og Fjordane.

Increased Focus on the Ocean Space

The world is facing a change regarding global environmental challenges, resulting in increased focus on ocean space activities. Issues as offshore fish farming, subsea mining, environmental monitoring, tidal power and offshore wind will all be of importance. The strategic location on the Norwegian coast gives businesses in Sogn og Fjordane a good opportunity to take part in the ocean space activities. In addition to regular operations, competence from maritime, offshore and subsea businesses can be used in new fields.

A Very Good Project

- NCE Subsea and Maritim Forening Sogn og Fjordane have collaborated in delivering a very good application presenting a most relevant project, says Espen Warland, Special Advisor at Innovation Norway.
- We hope the competence project will strenghten existing employment and make basis for new jobs, Warland concludes.

Diverse Collaboration

The project group will collaborate closely with university colleges and other higher education institutions both on a regional and national level. Cooperating with the Florø branch of Bergen University College will be utterly important in order to offer leading subsea competence to new businesses in the ocean space.

- Norway is a world leading actor on subsea technology. We look forward to collaborate in developing new subjects, enabling our students to become active players in the upcoming ocean space activities, says Øyvind Østrem, Head of Studies at the Florø branch of Bergen University College.

National Attention

NCE Subsea and Maritim Forening were also granted financial support for another competence project last year. This project got national attention in May 2015 when referred to in the Norwegian Governments Maritime Strategy. The project has resulted in collaboration with seven university institutes and university colleges, half of them NTNU-institutes.

 – We feel proud that the government appreciates our effort to increase the value creation among the Sogn og Fjordane businesses. We promise to keep up the hard work to strengthen the businesses position regarding the ocean space, Strømgren ends.

Member of Parliament Bjørn Lødemel (H) represents Sogn og Fjordane in the Norwegian parliament and emphasizes that new competence is crucial for developing the businesses in the county.

– I am very pleased that the government focuses on building competence in Sogn og Fjordane. A good example was seen last summer, when the government created and funded 24 study places at the bachelor subsea study in Florø. This is an important acknowledgement of the work Maritim Forening Sogn og Fjordane and NCE Subsea do to develop and strengthen the competence in the county, says Bjørn Lødemel.

Contact Information:

Trond Strømgren

Subsea Innovator
+47 402 98 729