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The Subsea Index creates new business opportunities by providing searchable data about companies and organisations related to the subsea industry.

Published: 3 November 2015
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The Subsea Index is a bi-lingual matchmaking tool in English and Portuguese. It contains information about commercial companies, R&D institutions, universities and public organisations – all related to the subsea industry, including all partners and members of NCE Subsea.

Go to Subsea Index to register your company (external site).

Find your Subsea Partner

With over 400 companies already registered, the Subsea Index provides you with an overview of companies in the subsea industry globally, and it can help you promote your company to the many users of the Subsea Index.

NCE Subsea promotes the Subsea Index on a daily basis and in March 2015, Owe Hagesæther, CEO NCE Subsea, presented the index to over 30 Brazilian companies and R&D institutions, informing them how they can promote their companies and search for Norwegian partners using this tool.


In addition to being a searchable database for the subsea industry, the Subsea Index provides information about funding. A wide range of external funding sources for R&D projects are available in Norway, Europe and Internationally. You can quick and easy find information about the R&D programs and call for proposals most relevant for the subsea industry at the Subsea Index funding pages.

Go to Subsea Index funding pages (external site).

All subsea related companies are welcome to register in the Subsea Index.

About Subsea Index

Subsea Index is a bi-lingual matchmaking tool in English and Portuguese. The intent of the database is to create business opportunities by providing accessible and searchable high quality, business relevant data about companies and organizations related to the subsea industry. 

Contact Information:

Kjersti Boge Christensen

Event and Office Manager
+47 976 27 570