Strategic Ambitions and Plans

The subsea cluster faces great opportunities and challenges. The upcoming years call for GCE Subsea collaboration, now more than ever.

Published: 29 October 2015
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NCE Subsea enters into the Global Centres of Expertise (GCE) programme from January 2016. This gives us the resources and a unique opportunity to realise our strategic ambitions and allows us to expand our offerings and services towards all our members.

Two new employees, focusing on innovation and market opportunities, will join us early next year.

Increased Focus on Innovation and Competence

The GCE status will strengthen our ability to give financial and professional support to facilitate innovation projects. Moreover, we will increase our collaboration with other national and international clusters and R&D institutions, and continue to offer new competence to our members.

This will help the cluster to stay in the forefront of the development and strengthen its competitiveness, which in turn can increase the export of Norwegian subsea solutions.

Joining Forces Internationally

Increased competition and cost focus, challenges the cluster to work smarter and collaborate better. Small and medium sized enterprises often have limited resources, and it is important to learn from each other and customers to succeed in new markets.

Bigger companies are eager to get Norwegian sub-suppliers to join them internationally. The GCE-status gives us the resources to work closer with our members and help them join forces towards international markets.

Subsea beyond Oil and Gas

GCE Subsea will increase the cooperation with related ocean industries to help our members expand into new subsea related markets. Norway has a strong marine and maritime industry and a competitive advantage within ocean industries.

Targeting this potential can give our members access to new national and international markets.

About Norwegian Innovation Clusters

Norwegian Innovation Clusters is a government supported cluster programme.

The programme aims to trigger and enhance collaborative development activities in clusters.

The programme is organised by Innovation Norway and supported by Siva and the Norwegian Research Council.

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