Offshore Diving Facilities for Medical Treatment

NUI will use offshore diving facilities to provide the medical service “Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBO)”. This is a recognised treatment for a number of diagnoses.

Published: 12 October 2015

NUI chamber prepared for HBO treatment

Since 1976, NUI have delivered subsea services and competence to the oil and gas industry. NUI offers test, training and Hyperbaric contingency services for diving operations. NUIs hyperbaric facility is located in Bergen, and follows all relevant legislations and requirements in National-, International and Industry standards such as NORSOK, IMCA and OGP.

Parts of the diving chamber complex is now facilitated for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBO). Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a well-recognised medical treatment method that has been known for many years, but the method is not very well known and established in Norway. The public healthcare are delivering this treatment through the National centre at Haukeland University Hospital, but the capacity are limited and they treat approx. 180 patients pr year.

There are twelve diagnoses where HBO is recognised as an effective treatment method by the Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS). The public health service are treating a limited number of these. One of the diagnoses treated is Diabetic ulcers where the healing rate is 70 – 80 % (Ref. The number of Diabetes patients that must amputate is close to 500 pr. year in Norway, and the public services treats very few of these. 

Based on the success rate for HBO treatment that is well documented outside Norway, the capacity restrictions in the public health care system and that NUI already have the necessary chambers and operational competence, NUI has decided to offer the HBO treatment as a private supplement to the public services. 
Nui have established a medical team with a HBO responsible doctor, a HBO specialist (Swedish) and a well-qualified nurse that is the project manager internally at NUI.

The HBO treatment are planned, documented and executed based on the same high safety level as NUI follows at all our operations based on our offshore experience and the high safety focus in the offshore marked.

The HBO treatment is provided by NUI from 1 October 2015, and is offered to all patients with a diagnosis recognised for HBO treatment by UHMS.

More information about the HBO therapy at NUI at our web site