More Funding for Demonstration Projects

The DEMO2000 programme will award 100 million Norwegian kroner more for demonstration projects. Learn more about the possibilities this entails at the NCE Subsea Meeting Forum 5 November.

Published: 7 October 2015

A new DEMO2000 Call for proposal (call) will be presented in more detail at the NCE Subsea Meeting Forum 5 November.

- The budget for DEMO2000 has increased by 100 million Norwegian kroner. We plan to spend 90 million based on a new call with deadline 17 February 2016. The rest of the funding will be spent on extending current call for proposal with deadline October 14, says Anders J. Steensen, special advisor Research Council of Norway.

The subsea industry is suffering from reduced oil prices. Many companies struggle to get the chance to demonstrate the capability of their innovations. Getting track-record and showing the potential of new technology in real operations is key to succeed in the subsea sector.

- DEMO2000 is an excellent opportunity for companies in the strong Norwegian subsea cluster to demonstrate new technology, Steensen says.

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About DEMO2000

DEMO2000 is a technology programme aimed at qualifying Norwegian technology. The funding provided shall be spent on piloting new technology that can reduce cost, increase efficiency and performance in the Norwegian sector. DEMO2000 targets pilot installations within the following four main areas:

  • Energy efficient and environmentally sustainable technologies
  • Exploration and improved recovery
  • Cost-effective drilling and intervention
  • Future technologies for production, processing and transportation

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NCE Subsea Supports Your Innovation Projects

We recommend that you contact NCE Subsea before writing an application. We can help you find the best funding option to realise your innovation.

Since 2006 NCE Subsea has fostered good ideas with financial support and free consultancy services. So far, we have helped raise more than half a billion Norwegian kroner in funding.

Pre-project funding

NCE Subsea supports pre-projects with both financial support and free consultancy services to establish R&D projects.

In the past few years we have spent about 2 million Norwegian Kroner and supported around 15 pre-projects each year.

We can also help identify R&D partners, customers and industrial partners, as well as provide input on sources of external public funding.

Contact Information:

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