Ocean Talent Camp 2015

The Ocean Talent Camp project will be arranged in Bergen in September. This is a unique opportunity to present your company for young students who are about to choose their future profession. The ambition is to find talents for the ocean based professions.

Published: 19 August 2015

Aker Solutions

September 15 and 16 Ocean Talent Camp will be arranged  at the new Amalie Skram High School by NCE Subsea, Maritimt Forum Bergen, NCE Maritime CleanTech, UPTIME Centre of competence, Marint Vekstforum and The Seafood Innovation Cluster.

Ocean Talent Camp West 2015 will be a meeting arena for students from several high schools in the Bergen region. Ocean Talent Camp offers this opportunity to students who are about to decide what their future profession will be. The students will be meeting the ocean based industries, which indeed are the biggest industries in Norway.

Ocean Talent Camp offer an educational plan that supports the schools official structure to help the students find the right profession. The Ocean Talent Camp project starts with preparations in the classroom before arriving at the Camp, and finally discussions and lessons learned in class after the camp.  

During the visit at Ocean Talent Camp West our aim is to help the students become aware of their talents and the possibilities a future profession can offer. To meet companies and persons working in the different sectors of the ocean based industries will hopefully give inspiration and knowledge about the possibilities for the future in this industry.

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The first Ocean Talent Camp took place during the Nor-Shipping Conference and Exhibition in Oslo June 2013. The event created huge interest among the 11.000 young students from the South Eastern region of Norway.

This year Ocean Talent Camp will be arranged in Oslo, Møre and Bergen.

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