Increased Competitiveness through Competence Cooperation

Most analytics think the oil and gas industry needs a major cost reduction change process. NCE Subsea is also challenged, and contributes to the subsea supply chain by introducing competence, which will bring costs down and increase competitiveness.

Published: 18 August 2015
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The Norwegian subsea industry is internationally renowned for being innovative and for its high quality. Norway has built a strong and diverse subsea industry based on the oil and gas production in the North Sea.  Despite the high level of cost in Norway, the subsea industry has remained competitive because of its leading edge.

With the recent years drop in the oil price, the industry has to change. We have to work smarter, faster and use more standardised solutions to bring costs down to an appropriate level, and thereby staying competitive. We need to adjust and change to new cost requirements, and that requires new innovative technical solutions and work process improvements on a continuous basis.

Lean management and manufacturing

NCE subsea can contribute to these changes in different ways. During the last year, we have focused on introducing new knowledge to the subsea value chain from other industries that focus on cost efficiency, while maintaining high quality. In cooperation with leading cluster organisations and industries like NCE Raufoss, we have presented best practices within Lean methodology. This represents a significant cost reduction.

NCE Subsea has recently started a pre-project in collaboration with NCE Raufoss, targeting improved work processes for subsea lifecycle services. The aim is to establish a joint R&D project in 2016.

Lifecycle Systems Engineering

Multidisciplinary collaboration and Systems Engineering is one of the important improvement points identified in the Statoil Technology Efficiency Programme (STEP).

Changes made at a late stage are expensive, and minor savings in the initial stages of a project can cause expensive operations and modifications later on in the installation's lifetime. Consequently, NCE Subsea established a partnership with NCE Systems Engineering in Kongsberg. One of the main goals is to transfer knowledge within the field of Systems Engineering methodology and strengthen the Subsea Life-of-Field focus. 

These collaborations will improve the cluster companies’ access to best practice and help bringing them in the knowledge front. NCE Subsea has the possibility to work throughout the entire value chain and make this process more efficient. This will contribute to making the subsea industry more competitive.

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Chief Executive Officer
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