Several Hundred millions available for innovation projects

The most relevant public funding programs for the subsea cluster have all call for proposal for innovation project with deadline 14 October. We can help you to find partners and apply for funding.

Published: 3 August 2015

Petromaks2 and DEMO 2000 are the two programs the Research Council of Norway has establish to support petroleum research. While Petromaks2 supports both applied and basic research, DEMO 2000 fund piloting of new technology.

Several funding possibilities

The Research Council of Norway has several programmes for various topics and industries. NCE Subsea challenge the cluster to see how their solutions can fit other markets and applications beyond oil and gas.

Some important calls are:

  • Go to MAROFF – project related to marine operations
  • Go to HAVBRUK2 – project related to aquaculture and fisheries
  • Go to ENERGIX – for project related to renewable energy

User-driven Research based Innovation (BIA) is the largest funding program. This support projects with focus on the company’s own strategies. However, it must be noted that projects that falls into one of the thematic programmes given above must apply there.

Regional research fund Vestlandet (RFFVEST) also have call for proposal with deadline 14 October. Energy and subsea technology is one of the focus areas for this call.

You can also apply for 300 thousand Norwegian Kroner in pre-project funding for initial studies through RFFVEST. This pre-project funding is complimentary to the NCE Subsea pre-project funding. There are no deadline for pre-project funding applications.

NCE Subsea supports your innovation projects

We strongly recommend that you contact NCE Subsea before writing an application. We can help you to find the best funding possibility for realising your innovation.

Since 2006 NCE Subsea has fostered good ideas with financial support and free consultancy services. So far, we have helped raise more than half a billion Norwegian Kroner in funding.

Pre-project funding

NCE Subsea supports pre-projects with both financial support and free consultancy services to establish R&D projects.

In the past few years we have spent about 2 million Norwegian Kroner and supported around 15 pre-projects each year.

We can also help identify R&D partners, customers and industrial partners, as well as provide input on sources of external public funding.

Contact Information:

Jon O. Hellevang

Senior Subsea Innovator
+47 988 48 828