Enthusiasm and Expertise

In Hellenes Subsea AS they seek an advantage in challenging times. - Tough times often open up opportunities for small companies such as ours, with new and innovative ways of solving tasks, says the owner of Hellenes Subsea AS, Agnar Hellenes.

Published: 25 June 2015
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Hellenes Subsea AS is self-sufficient with technical solutions

- We are not embarrassed to say that we like to keep things simple and we are proud to have a cohesive and well run team of people with distinctly different experiences, Agnar Hellenes explains, - but where everyone at some time during their working life has been involved in practical work.

The Whole Gamut

The company has quickly become a force to be reckoned with in the Norwegian subsea industry, and they believe they have found a key to efficient operation: - Because we cover subjects such as Automation, Electronics and Mechanics from apprentice level up to engineer level, we seldom rely on service delivery from others, Hellenes states. - It is easier and quicker to come up with new solutions, and we can produce faster without impeding quality.

Gathering Strength

Hellenes Subsea AS is a company in the Hellenes Group in Førde. The company was founded during the spring of 2014 and is a joint venture between Hellenes Holding AS and the company Tool-Tech AS.

- While Tool-Tech has extensive experience developing subsea solutions, the other Hellenes companies have broad interdisciplinary expertise within engineering and manufacturing, the owner says.

Among other things the Hellenes Group designs and builds world-leading manufacturing facilities for drilling waste, which is delivered to leading customers worldwide.

Cause for Optimism

There is no visible fear for the industry's future to be seen at the company in Førde: - In our opinion, oil will continue to be extracted and production facilities will continue to be built on the seabed and Norway has some competitive advantages that have given us a leading role that we will be able to maintain. But when oil prices are low uncertainty arises as to where oil is to be extracted first.

The consequence may be that non-approved developments are postponed, but those who are able to apply a certain level of patience will emerge stronger. Norway will maintain its position, and Førde will continue to figure on the international subsea map, Hellenes concludes.

This article was first published in the NCE Subsea supplement to Dagens Næringsliv, distributed 13 May 2015.

Small Town Advantages

Much of Norway’s long coastline is already well adapted to facilitate business success. In Førde there is a technical college and a college of engineering, a community that is relatively face-to-face, yet large enough to ensure access to expertise and deliveries.

As Agnar Hellenes explains: - Førde has ample space for additional technology and industry companies who will find that the access to technical expertise at all levels is very good, that the stability of the workforce is significantly better than in the big cities, and that the cost level is low by Norwegian standards.

Førde is far more than a crossroads – it is a ‘central intersection’ that connects east and west, north and south. In addition Førde has access to transport by sea at Hellenes’ own plant.

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