A career in a maritime environment

Håkon is being educated straight into the industry. This is beneficial to both parties.

Published: 17 June 2015
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Student Håkon Lerøy Riple

- What is good about this education is that in addition to being specialized towards subsea technology, it is still a general engineering degree, student Håkon Lerøy Riple (21) says.

The programme provides basic skills in mechanical calculations, calculations on currents and forces in pipes, thermodynamic appliances, materials, instrumentation and various management subjects.

Inheriting the interest

- I have for as long as I can remember envisioned a career in a maritime environment. This is to a great degree a result of having grown up with two parents with a strong commitment to the maritime industry, Håkon continues.

He has set himself two specific goals; to be good at what he does, and to find a job he likes.- I like to have responsibility, so I will eventually aim for a managerial position. But before this I would like to try my hand at various things. I am interested in 3D drawing, so that would be an interesting place to start, he says.

Establishing a society

Håkon has so far been nothing but pleased with the study programme. - Socially there has been a lot of fun things to take part in. I was one of the initiators to establish a study society, and after much preparation we have finally this year established the society.

I am currently president, and the board meets on a weekly basis to discuss current projects. The purpose of the student association is to promote a sense of solidarity, community, establish a network with the industry and a good study culture, Håkon Riple concludes.

This article was first published in the NCE Subsea supplement to Dagens Næringsliv, distributed 13 May 2015.

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