GCE Subsea

On behalf of the Norwegian Subsea industry it is a great pleasure to announce that NCE Subsea has qualified as GCE Subsea. Being granted GCE status is a strong acknowledgement of our work and results, and we are now eager to continue our efforts to realise our GCE ambitions and strategy.

Published: 12 June 2015
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From award ceremony in Oslo 12 June 2015, from left; Monica Mæland - Minister of Trade and Industry, Jon O. Hellevang - Senior Subsea Innovator NCE Subsea, Owe Hagesæther - CEO NCE Subsea, Jan Tore Sanner - Minister of Local Government and Modernisation.

Monica Mæland and Jan Tore Sanner, ministers of Trade and Industry and Local Government and Modernisation respectively, announced that NCE Subsea was the one and only candidate that was accepted into the GCE programme this year, at an event in Oslo on Friday 12 June 2015.

– We did it!, says CEO at NCE Subsea, Owe Hagesæther. – Achieving status as Global Centre of Expertise Subsea is a great benefit for the development of today’s cluster – and the Norwegian subsea industry as a whole. We will now expand and intensify up our work to implement the strategy that got us here.

Our main objective will be collaboration to strengthen the cluster’s competitive advantages in the global market, and realise sustainable growth and value creation.


– It has been hard work and great fun to build the competence, innovation models and business development needed to strengthen the subsea industry, Hagesæther continues.

Global Ambitions

Since 2006, NCE Subsea has established itself as a regional cluster with a central core in the Bergen region. The subsea cluster sees considerable potential for more organised and structured cooperation with other parts of the Norwegian subsea industry.

– Our ambition has always been to create a GCE Subsea that functions as a unifying organisation for the Norwegian subsea industry and reinforce the Norwegian subsea industry's status as a global knowledge hub. GCE status gives us the resources we need to fulfil these ambitions, says Owe Hagesæther.

Application is Distributed

A copy of the GCE Subsea application is sent to all NCE Subsea partners and members by post.

Contact Information:

Owe Hagesæther

Chief Executive Officer
+47 908 75 888