Increase in Subsea Activity at Westcon

Westcon’s subsea commitment in Florø bears fruits. Last year has seen a great rise in subsea activity at the industrial site that until recently was dedicated to shipbuilding. More activity is to come.

Published: 23 June 2015
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Westcon bought the Florø located shipyard in December 2012 partly to focus on the subsea market. 

– We wanted to establish a strategic location related to the northern North Sea. The shipyard in Florø gave us this opportunity, says Steinar Matre, Subsea Department Manager in Westcon.

Due to purposeful commitment, skilled expertise, competitive pricing and scheduled deliveries to the subsea market, Westcon has succeeded entering a segment that demands extensive focus on quality.

Versatile Activity

The total production facilities in Florø are more than 20 000 square meters. The main subsea activity is manufacturing of modules and piping structures.

Westcon’s main site in Ølen has specialised in rig service and soon the Florø branch will also have this possibility. This due to ongoing underwater blasting activity that will give the fairway to Florø harbour, 16 meters sailing depth all the way to Westcon rig yard.

The yard in Florø also has a dry dock that allows docking of ships up to 200 meters. Ship repair and maintenance are therefore natural activities.

Preparing for the Future

Westcon aims to be the leading Norwegian company offering both shipyard, offshore and subsea production facilities. In Florø a new 100 Million Norwegian Kroner quay is being built to strengthen the competitiveness. In addition comes significant investments in robots for cutting of profile, pipes and plates.

During 2015, Westcon Florø will among others employ six new apprentices and one trainee. During a four weeks practical deployment period in June, Westcon is also hosting students from Bergen University College attending the Underwater Technology study in Florø.

– We have an extensive focus on competence and recruitment, says Mikael Johansen, Yard Manager in Florø.

– Qualified and skilled workers are our best incentives to get contracts in the years to come. The last year’s growth in Florø makes us optimistic about the future, Johansen adds.

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