Meeting Place with Possibilities

Møteforum has given NLI Odda the opportunity to market themselves to new environments.

Published: 23 January 2015
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NCE Subsea Møteforum 2014

Managing Director at NLI Odda, Ingvald Torblå, who held one of three inspiring case presentations at Møteforum 2014, gives praise to the event and the marketing possibilities it has opened up for them. – We have gotten to know new customers and suppliers through Møteforum. This arena has given us the opportunity to market ourselves to environments that are quite new to us.

At Møteforum, you can present what you have to sell, what you wish to buy, as well as project ideas for cooperation with others. Møteforum 2014 was the eighth time this event was organised. We recruited a record number of members for speed dating and useful network building – all of the 155 meetings were conducted in less than two hours.

– Not all SMB companies have the resources to conduct professional and targeted marketing. As such, an arena where we can easily get in touch with potential clients and suppliers is useful, Torblå comments.

Smart Processing Tool

NLI was also invited to our subject meeting about cooperation and effectivity improvement, on 11 November. Here, NLI presented the tool that they have developed to work more efficiently towards their subcontractors.

– We have developed an online tool for manufacturing management and oversight. The system has an online portal solution for our subcontractors, where they are closely integrated into our project environments. Thus, they get access to work effectively and directly 'inside' our systems, Torblå explains.

NCE Subsea contributed with support for the pilot project as well as to get the project going. Jon Hellevang, Senior Subsea Innovator at NCE Subsea, emphasises that NLI Odda is an exciting company to cooperate with. – It is a medium sized business with many subcontractors, and they have succeeded in uniting them and lifting them up. NLI shows that you can do more if you work together, and that you can develop larger systems for a global market, he says.

– There is a lot of talk about cost and streamlining in the industry right now. NLI is a good example of a company that has succeeded with ensuring a smooth workflow between their suppliers.

About NCE Subsea Møteforum

NCE Subsea Møteforum is an organised event consisting of short meetings between member companies. 

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Senior Subsea Innovator
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