Haugalandet Welcomes NCE Subsea

Companies in Haugalandet region have a strong position in the Norwegian subsea industry. NCE Subsea’s presence in the region will strengthen the regional subsea industry by incorporating it in the NCE Subsea cluster.

Published: 26 September 2014
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Geir Egil Østerbøvik, Chairman of the Board at Imenco

Early in September we invited regional actors for a meeting to present the cluster and our plans to establish a branch office in Haugesund. The meeting was organised in close collaboration with the research institute Polytec, Maritimt Forum and Haugaland Vekst.

- It will be very positive for subsea companies in our region to be closer linked as members in the NCE Subsea network, said Geir Egil Østerbøvik. Mr. Østebøvik is Chairman of the Board at Imenco, a company with a strong position in the subsea industry in Haugesund.

Sign On - as Soon as Possible!

Stord-based Advantec has been a member of NCE Subsea since 2006 and has benefited greatly from this.

- I strongly support NCE Subsea’s plans here in Haugalandet and recommend that subsea companies in the region become members of NCE Subsea as soon as possible, said Magnar Aaland, the CEO of Advantec.

Time Frame for Set-up

- We have not set a specific date for the establishment of a NCE Subsea branch office in Haugesund, but I am confident this can be done this year, our CEO Owe Hagesæther said in the information meeting.

- There are a few formalities that need to be sorted out before we can set a date. We are currently in dialogue with important stakeholders, and I hope that agreements will be in place shortly, says Mr. Hagesæther.

Contact Information:

Owe Hagesæther

Chief Executive Officer
+47 908 75 888