Three Is a Charm

When NCE Subsea members work together it often bears fruit. METAS, Biota Guard and OCTIO have founded a business network to deliver integrated services to the subsea market.

Published: 2 July 2014
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The three companies are all involved in subsea environmental monitoring and have started the network to explore opportunities and potential synergies in each other’s technology. The companies decided to hold a joint presentation at this year’s Underwater Technology Conference (UTC) in Bergen, where they presented their business idea.

Safer Underwater

Environmental monitoring of emissions from the petroleum industry has been carried out since 1973. As an increasing part of oil and gas production takes place subsea, requirements regarding safety and environmental monitoring become even stricter.

Together METAS, Biota Guard and OCTIO aim to make monitoring of subsea environments safer and even better. The three companies are all renowned in the field of environmental monitoring.

OCTIO monitors reservoirs, the seabed and wells using seismic sensors that communicate via an open network (ethernet). METAS carries out baseline studies and monitors everything from contamination from drill cuttings to oil and gas leaks from the ocean floor to the surface. Biota Guard delivers real-time leak detection and environmental monitoring services.

Complete Delivery

– By joining forces we have found that we can provide a far more complete delivery, says Olav Birkeland in METAS. – The concept we provide includes advanced analysis tools for early warning and increased security. We combine multiple technologies and solutions to provide complete monitoring in a single delivery. This is also a far more cost-effective solution, he states.

Tom Jørgensen in OCTIO agrees. – This collaboration has been of great benefit to us.

We provide the infrastructure through our ethernet on the seabed, which in turn makes the technology more cost-effective. Working together in this way also makes it easier to market our products, he says.

Cluster Creates Growth

All three companies emphasise the usefulness of their NCE Subsea membership in establishing the business network. – In addition to supporting our pilot project, NCE Subsea has been an important facilitator in the process of finding partners, locating markets and seeing the opportunities in the technology, says Tom Jørgensen.

Inge Dragsund in Biota Guard describes NCE Subsea as a place to get new impulses. – The cluster helps us better understand our markets and is a good forum for dialogue and exchange of ideas, he says.

– We want to show the industry that we can think outside the box. By collaborating on multidisciplinary services and sharing data and infrastructure we have achieved economies of scale that lead to increased oil extraction and safer operations for subsea installations. NCE Subsea deserves some of the credit for this, he concludes.