Cluster to Cluster

Collaboration in industry clusters can produce positive and remarkable results. And when we initiate cooperation across clusters, expectations are even higher: NCE Subsea and NCE Instrumentation collaborate on arranging this year’s business delegation to Brazil.

Published: 25 June 2014

Illustration. Photo taken at Christian Michelsen Research.

– Collaboration between business clusters is definitely worthwhile, says Torbjørn Akersveen, Managing Director in NCE Instrumentation. NCE Subsea and NCE Instrumentation collaborate on organising the business delegation to Rio de Janeiro in September.

According to Akersveen and Owe Hagesæther, Chief Executive Officer in NCE Subsea, the idea is that participation should open up new market opportunities for their members. In particular, they hope that small and medium-sized companies will see the benefit of collaborating to meet the challenges and requirements of the Brazilian market.

– I think everyone in the industry are aware of the importance of this conference and the opportunities that are now opening up in Brazil. The Norwegian industry has extensive experience in solving industrial challenges in tough surroundings, and the major players in Brazil know that, says Akersveen.

Unites the Industry

Hagesæther says that the business delegation is a perfect forum for companies that want to gain a foothold in the Brazilian market. – A delegation like this will help establish valuable contacts and give insight into the enormous market Brazil represents. We advocate a strong Norwegian presence in Brazil, and the collaboration with NCE Instrumentation lends this more weight, he says.

In addition to helping Norwegian companies establish themselves in Brazil, the event aims to bring together different disciplines. This will be the largest joint event the two clusters have taken part in so far. The organisations hope that the trip will help cluster members get to know each other and give them an opportunity to discuss shared professional challenges. – Knowledge about each other is an important part of a collaboration – therefore we must ensure that people in these disciplines meet, says Akersveen.

Good Collaboration

Hagesæther underlines the importance of appearing as a united and competent professional environment internationally. – It is a great advantage to establish close links between R&D institutions and the industry, he says. – We want to enable these environments to work together. This will strengthen the total capacity of both clusters in the long run.

Akersveen believes that NCE Subsea and NCE Instrumentation – as elite clusters that focus on the offshore industry – will benefit from appearing unified and coordinated towards and exciting market. – All good collaborations draw on each other’s strengths. We know NCE Subsea as a cluster with great market insight and strong and well-established connections to international environments.

NCE Instrumentation, on their part, has an active and proven cooperation model with the strongest academic environments in Norway, NTNU and SINTEF. – Our cluster has doubtlessly received the most funding from The Research Council of Norway. Therefore, the technology we develop is brand new and draws strongly on new research. This is relevant to us, and in my opinion, it is a perfect point of departure for a mutual and productive collaboration, he concludes.

Contact Information

Managing Director NCE Instrumentation
Torbjørn Akersveen
Phone: +47 911 70 381

Chief Executive Officer NCE Subsea
Owe Hagesæther
Phone: +47 908 75 888

Industry Clusters

Cluster theory shows how companies can benefit from collocation with other companies in the same or related industries.

The fundamental idea behind the Norwegian Centres of Expertise (NCE) programme is to give its cluster companies a better foundation to carry out challenging innovation processes, for instance by providing easier access to the environments and contacts they need to succeed.

Delegation to Rio Oil & Gas 2014

The delegation to Brazil in connection with Rio Oil & Gas is an offer from NCE Subsea to companies, research institutions and government representatives. The programme will include company visits, seminars, a visit at Rio Oil & Gas Expo & Conference and networking events.

Remember to register by 30 June to receive the NCE Subsea discount on the trip. We cannot guarantee participants plane tickets after 1 July.

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