We Continue with the Same Strength

NCE Subsea was not awarded status as Global Centre of Expertise this time around. However, we are highly committed to achieving our ambitions for the subsea cluster.

Published: 18 June 2014
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Owe Hagesæther, CEO of NCE Subsea

The decision on which applicants are offered entry into the GCE programme was announced by Minster of Trade and Industry Monica Mæland at an event in Oslo, Wednesday 18. June 2014.

- We have an ambitious long-term strategy for the development of the subsea cluster that we will continue to work with regardless our GCE status, says NCE Subsea’s CEO Owe Hagesæther.

- Achieving status as Global Centre of Expertise Subsea would obviously have been a great benefit for the development of today’s cluster and also for the development of the Norwegian subsea industry. We will continue to work according to our current strategy, and I am certain we will submit another GCE application at the next opportunity.

National Ambitions

Since 2006, NCE Subsea has established itself as a regional cluster, with its core in the Bergen region. For the subsea cluster there is considerable potential for more organised and structured cooperation with other parts of the Norwegian subsea industry.

- Our ambition is that NCE Subsea shall be a unifying organisation for the subsea industry in Norway and that the Norwegian subsea industry is perceived as a global knowledge hub. Reaching these ambitions would be more readily available in the GCE programme, but there are always other paths to our goal, says Owe Hagesæther.

The NCE programme expires for our part in 2016, and it has been important to look at how we can maintain activities for the development of the subsea cluster in the longer term.

Application is Distributed

All NCE Subsea partners and members will receive a copy of the GCE Subsea application by post.

Contact Information

For further information about our ambitions for NCE Subsea, contact

Owe Hagesæther
E-mail: owe.hagesaether@ncesubsea.no
Phone: +47 908 75 888

Branding Manager
Heidi Skålevik
E-mail: heidi.skalevik@ncesubsea.no
Phone: +47 916 31 450

About Global Centres of Expertise

Early in 2014 Innovation Norway, SIVA and the Research Council of Norway announced the establishment of a new Norwegian programme for cluster development.

The existing programmes Arena and Norwegian Centres of Expertise (NCE) are continued and a third level is established with the Global Centre of Expertise.