Launching Bi-lingual Subsea Index

NCE Subsea has launched a bi-lingual database for the subsea industry in order to enhance business opportunities between Brazil and Norway.

Published: 21 September 2012

Subsea Index is a database for matchmaking between companies, R&D institutions as well as training facilities, schools and universities involved in the subsea industry. It is bi-lingual; English and Brazilian/Portuguese.

Subsea Index was launched at the Anchieta Palace in Vitoria Brazil on Thursday September 20.

The intent of this new matchmaking tool

  • Promote technological cooperation between enterprises in Brazil and Norway, primarily SMEs.
  • Facilitate partnerships between Brazilian and Norwegian enterprises in the development of new products, processes or services.
  • Implement actions to promote increasing competitiveness and the internationalization of SMEs in Brazil and Norway through international cooperation and technology transfer.
  • Collaborate in promoting the national innovation system of both countries and exchange experiences in managing innovation and managing public and private resources.

The business driven Subsea Index give several benefits to users

  • Matchmaking for joint ventures aimed at the Brazilian, Norwegian or any other international subsea market.
  • Technology transfer between Brazilian and Norwegian companies.
  • Search for potential customers and suppliers.
  • Promote and find subsea technology, products and services.
  • Connect enterprises with R&D.
  • Display available project funding from private and public resources.

Registration in and use of Subsea Index is free. It is available at and

The new tool for matchmaking have been developed by the Norwegian Centre of Expertise Subsea (NCE Subsea) in cooperation with the Secretaria de Desenvolvimento do Estado do Espirito Santo (SEDES), with support from Hordaland County and the Underwater Technology Foundation (UTF).


Questions regarding Subsea Index may be forwarded to Trond Olsen, the CEO of NCE Subsea; or phone +47 481 08 864

About Subsea Index

Subsea Index is a database with information about companies and organizations delivering products and services in or to the world wide subsea industry. The database is open for registration from such companies and organizations.

The intent of the database is to create business opportunities by providing accessible and searchable high quality, business relevant data about companies and organizations related to the subsea industry.

Registrations in the database are updated annually. Subsea Index is owned and operated by NCE Subsea.

Download press release on Launching bi-lingual Subsea Index (pdf)