More Bossanova for NCE Subsea

NCE Subsea acknowledge the vast market opportunities for Norwegian companies in Brazil, urging Norwegian companies to investigate their potential in the world’s fastest growing market. We have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Brazilian National Organization of the Petroleum Industry.

Published: 19 September 2012

NCE Subsea keeps connecting to the most attractive organizations in Brazil in order to connect subsea related companies, R&D and educational institutions in the two largest offshore markets in the world; Norway and Brazil.

NCE Subsea has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Organização Nacional da Indústria do Petróleo (ONIP) – the National Organization of the Petroleum Industry. This is the second MoU with Brazilian organizations this week.

The objective of the MoU

  • Collaborate in order to study ways in promote technological cooperation and matchmaking between subsea related enterprises, primarily small and medium sized companies (SMEs), by supporting innovative projects in which it allows the participation of research institutions.
  • Coordinate the use of their own mechanisms for promoting and funding, in order to facilitate partnerships between Brazilian and Norwegian subsea related enterprises in the development of new technologies, products, processes or services.
  • Implement actions to support increasing competitiveness and the internationalization of subsea related SMEs in Norway and Brazil state through international cooperation and technology transfer.
  • Collaborate in promoting the National Innovation Systems of both countries and exchange experiences in managing innovation and managing public and private resources for innovative companies in Brazil and Norway.

ONIP will become a partner in NCE Subsea’s bi-lingual Subsea Index, a matchmaking database to be launched in Vitoria Brazil on Thursday September 20. They urge member companies related to the subsea industry to register in the database.

Taking into consideration the long business relation history, we can see a future of increasing cooperation between Norwegian and Brazilian companies, supported and fostered by organizations in both countries.

About ONIP and NCE Subsea

ONIP is a private non-profit organization with the objective to bring together, in a single forum of articulation and cooperation, the main agents involved in oil and gas production, processing, transport and distribution in Brazil. ONIP’s mission is to contribute to an increase in competiveness and sustainability of the national industry, with a view to maximizing the local content and generating employment and income in the oil and gas sector.

NCE Subsea is an initiative by the subsea industry for the strengthening and internationalization of business, R&D and education. The objective is to promote innovation activity, increase international involvement and improve the capacity, competitiveness and value creation of individual players within the cluster as well as the cluster as a whole. In 2006 the cluster was appointed Norwegian Centre of Expertise by the Norwegian Government.