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The film ’The NCE Subsea Cluster’ promote the world’s leading cluster in the subsea oil and gas industry. The purpose is to attract national and international companies to the cluster.

Published: 20 January 2012

NCE Subsea has made the film that promotes the subsea cluster as an attractive industry cluster. We want more national and international companies to come to our region to meet new suppliers, customer and partners and to establish themselves here.

The theme of the film is the complexity of the cluster network and the important role each company plays in the development of the subsea industry. To highlight the breadth of the range of services that the cluster represents, we have used four companies as examples.

Download the film now

The film can be used in the face of national and international customers, suppliers and partners. NCE Subsea uses the film as a supplement to meetings and presentations, it is available on our website and it is subtitled so that it can be used on exhibitions, without sound.

‘The NCE Subsea Cluster’ can be downloaded in varios formats from our website. Go to our website to download the film.

The film is produced by Maritime Colours.