Emerson enters into partnership with NCE Subsea

The World leading technology company, Emerson Process Management, has become a partner in NCE Subsea.

Published: 31 October 2011

- To us this is about increased visibility, but we also feel we have something to offer NCE Subsea, says Hege Forus, Information Manager at Roxar, which is owned by Emerson Process Management.

This is the first time one of the NCE Subsea member companies has been made a partner. - We hope that this partnership will serve not only Roxar, but also a bigger part of Emerson Process Management, says Forus.

Uniting the region

Roxar is a technology company with 12 years' experience in the subsea market. The company offers specialist expertise in advanced 3D reservoir modelling, and was among the first to develop software tools of this kind. In addition, the company comprises an instrumentation division focusing on the development and supply of measurement equipment for monitoring of fields in production - We are the eyes and ears down in the reservoir, and we ensure that production is as efficient as possible, says Forus.

In her opinion, NCE Subsea plays a central role in the further development of Western Norway as a subsea region. - At present, Bergen and Stavanger are not promoted as one region, and often appear as competitors. This is the two cities, and counties, in the country - maybe in the world - with the highest density of subsea companies. It would be far more beneficial to join forces. We thus feel that Western Norway more often should be presented as one united region. This is an area we will focus on as part of our collaboration with NCE Subsea, says Forus.

Lowering the threshold

Forus believes that one of NCE Subsea's key functions is providing a professional forum, and this is maybe of particular importance to the smaller companies.

- The subsea sector comprises a number of pioneering companies, and these are often small in size. For such enterprises, it is incredibly important to gain access to a forum in which various issues and challenges can be discussed.  The network offers unique expertise. Roxar was itself a pioneer in its field, and we are very familiar with the challenges these companies are facing. In this area we have a lot to offer, and by being instrumental in the strengthening of companies in the network Emerson Process Management will be part of a stronger entity, says Forus.

Professional exchange of experiences is also an important element, but this is far from the only advantage the network has to offer. NCE provides an arena where new companies can meet potential customers and collaboration partners. - We know from experience that establishing contact with the right customers can sometimes be a challenge, but through NCE Subsea this threshold is lowered, say Forus.


One of the key reasons for Emerson Process Management to get more involved in this centre of expertise is its focus on internationalisation. This is an area to which NCE Subsea is fully committed.

- To us, internationalisation is essential. We are an international company, and 60% of our turnover comes from markets abroad. It is clear that NCE Subsea has something to offer us in this area, but we also bring experience that may be useful to others in the network, says Forus.